Australian National Kennel Council Certified Pedigree Papers are important as this the only Canine Association recognized in Australia with all the various Councils and States.  The ANKC is also recognized worldwide and is a associate member of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) the World Canine Organisation.

It ensures that your pup is a purebred, from purebred parents and from a breeder who has taken the time to learn, become registered and produce the best quality puppies they can.  In saying that, as with all elements in life, rogue breeders sometimes find their way into the ANKC registry.  In a effort to stop these breeders, mandatory DNA profiling and parentage of all pups has been introduced.  I recommend only purchasing from a breeder who is ANKC registered as a breeder, DNA parentage all puppies and health tests the parents for Cerebellar Ataxia, Hip & Elbow Scores and Cardiac Certification at a minimum.

1/ ANKC Registered Owner/s of the Dog
2/ Owners Membership Number
3/ Dogs Pedigree Name
4/ Dogs Breed
5/ Dogs Country of Birth
6/ Dogs Sex (Dog, Bitch or Neutered)
7/ Dogs Microchip Number
8/ Dogs Date of Birth
9/ Dogs Colour
10/ Dogs Father and their parents and grandparents*
11/ Dogs Mother and their parents and grandparents*
12/ The person who bred the Dog
13/ First date the Dog was registered
14/ ANKC Member Body who issued the certificate
15/ Date Certificate was issued/ reissued.

* The number behind each dog is their Registration Number, Sire’s are ontop and represented by S, Dams are on bottom and represented by D. The colour is in brackets and breed of that individual is listed.


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