Have you ever wondered what all those letters mean before and after a dogs name on their pedigree papers!

Here is that information, as new sports are introduced more titles will be obtainable and listed.

Conformation Titles
CH ~ Champion
GR CH ~ Grand Champion
SUP CH ~ Supreme Champion
NEUT CH ~ Neuter Champion
NEUT GR CH ~ Neuter Grand Champion

Obedience Titles
CCD ~ Community Companion Dog
CD ~ Companion Dog
CDX ~ Companion Dog Excellent
UD ~ Utility Dog
UDX ~ Utility Dog Excellent
O CH ~ Obedience Champion
O GR CH ~ Obedience Grand Champion
RN ~ Rally Novice
RA ~ Rally Advanced
RE ~ Rally Excellent
RAE ~ Rally Advanced Excellent
RM ~ Rally Master
RO CH ~ Rally Obedience Champion

Agility Titles
AD ~ Agility Dog
ADX ~ Agility Dog Excellent
ADM ~ Agility Dog Master
ADE ~ Agility Dog Elite
ADO ~ Agility Dog Open
JD ~ Jumping Dog
JDX ~ Jumping Dog Excellent
JDM ~ Jumping Dog Master
JDE ~ Jumping Dog Elite
JDO ~ Jumping Dog Open
SD ~ Snooker Dog
SDX ~ Snooker Dog Excellent
SDM ~ Snooker Dog Master
GD ~ Gamblers Dog
GDX ~ Gamblers Dog Excellent
GDM ~ Gamblers Dog Master
SPD ~ Strategic Pairs Dog
SPDX ~ Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent
SPDM ~ Strategic Pairs Dog Master
AG. CH ~ Agility Champion

Endurance Titles
ET ~ Endurance Test

Dances With Dogs Titles
FS.S ~ Freestyle Starter
FS.N ~ Freestyle Novice
FS.I ~ Freestyle Intermediate
FS.A ~ Freestyle Advance
FS. CH ~ Freestyle Champion
HTM.S ~ Heelwork To Music Starter
HTM.N ~ Heelwork To Music Novice
HTM.I ~ Heelwork To Music Intermediate
HTM.A ~ Heelwork To Music Advanced
HTM. CH ~ Heelwork To Music Champion

Drafting Titles 
NDD ~ Novice Draft Dog
DD ~ Draft Dog
BNDD ~ Brace Novice Draft Dog
BDD ~ Brace Draft Dog
ANDD ~ Advanced Novice Draft Dog
MDD ~ Master Draft Dog
ABNDD ~ Advanced Brace Novice Draft Dog
MBDD ~ Master Brace Draft Dog

Earthdog Titles
EIC ~ Earthdog Instinct Certificate
JE ~ Junior Earthdog
SE ~ Senior Earthdog
ME ~ Master Earthdog
SDE ~ Strong Dog Earthdog

Herding Titles
HT ~ Herding Test
PT ~ Herding Pre-Trial
HS ~ Herding Started
HX ~ Herding Advanced
HI ~ Herding Intermediate

Lure Coursing Titles 
JC ~ Junior Courser
CA ~ Coursing Ability
CAA ~ Coursing Ability Advanced
CAX ~ Coursing Ability Excellent
CAM ~ Coursing Ability Master
FCH ~ Field Champion
LCM ~ Lure Courser of Merit
LCX ~ Lure Courser Excellent
SC - Senior Courser
sFCH ~ Single Field Champion
sLCM ~ Single Lure Courser of Merit
sLCX ~ Single Lure Courser Excellent
vFCH ~ Veteran Field Champion
vLCM ~ Veteran Lure Courser of Merit
vLCX ~ Veteran Lure Courser Excellent

Tracking Titles 
TD ~ Tracking Dog
TDX ~ Tracking Dog Excellent
T.CH ~ Tracking Champion
TSD ~ Track & Search Dog
TSDX ~ Track & Search Dog Excellent
TS.CH ~ Track & Search Dog Champion

Sled Dog Titles 

WPD ~ Working Pack Dog
WPDX ~ Working Pack Dog Excellent
WTD ~ Working Team Dog
WTDX ~ Working Team Dog Excellent

WLD ~ Working Lead Dog
WLDX ~ Working Lead Dog Excellent

WWPD ~ Working Weight Pull Dog
WWPDX ~ Working Weight Pull Dog Excellent

Retrieving, Field & Gundog Titles
NRA ~ Novice Retrieving Ability
ORA ~ Open Retrieving Ability
QND ~ Qualifying Novice Dog
NRD ~ Novice Retrieving Trial Dog
RRD ~ Restricted Retrieving Trial Dog
AARD ~ All Age Retrieving Trial Dog
RT CH ~ Retrieving Champion
Nat RT CH ~ National Retrieving Champion
GR RT CH ~ Grand Retrieving Champion
NFD ~ Novice Field Dog
DM ~ Diploma Of Merit
CM ~ Certificate of Merit
FT CH ~ Field Trial Champion
Nat FT CH ~ National Field Trial Champion
GR FT CH ~ Grand Field Trial Champion
UG ~ Utility Gundog
UGX ~ Utility Gundog Excellent

Trick Dog
TK.S ~ Trick Dog Starter
TK.N ~ Trick Dog Novice
TK.I ~ Trick Dog Intermediate
TK.A ~ Trick Dog Advanced

Scent Work
SWN ~ Scent Work Novice
SWA ~ Scent Work Advanced
SWE ~ Scent Work Excellent
SWM ~ Scent Work Master

Other Titles


Conformation Champion & 1 other ANKC Discipline Title


Conformation Champion and 2 other ANKC Discipline Titles

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